Massages Azur Signature

World Inspiration

90 min

700 dhms

The lyrical bath, the beauty secret of the legendary Queen Cleopatra, followed by a relaxing massage with hot stones.


60 min

450 dhms

Drains and fights effectively against the orange peel appearance.

Azur Supreme

90 min

550 dhms

Massage inspired by Ayurvedic medicine with Moroccan spirituality.

Special Back

30 min

220 dhms

Stimulating, soothing and provides a long-lasting feeling of well-being.

Scalp and shoulders

30 min

200 dhms

A real treatment with magical feelings of well-being.

Foot reflexology

30 min

200 dhms

Incredibly relaxing, erases tension from the body.

Aroma Tonic

60 min

400 dhms

Revitalizing and toning massage with essential oils.

Oriental Relaxation

60 min

380 dhms

A deeply relaxing massage that removes stress.

Massage in Essaouira